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Artificial Reef and Coral Nursery
An artificial reef made entirely using Biri Buds will be established offshore from Biri Resort & Dive Center alongside a coral nursery.

Biri Initiative will employ a method for growing hard corals first used by aquarium hobbyists and then developed for application to the marine environment by the Coral Restoration Foundation, in Florida, USA. The method has since been adopted in coral nurseries around the tropics.

Unlike in aquariums where cuttings of staghorn and elkhorn corals are fixed to the floor, the pioneers of marine coral nurseries suspend the cuttings above the seabed on lines or on "trees". This means there is no need to clean off sand, there is less chance of disease, and they also grow faster. Maintenance almost entirely involves rehanging those cuttings knocked down by turtles, sharks and storms.

According to the Coral Restoration Foundation, a 5 cm fragment can grow into a colony large enough to be transferred onto the reef in about 9 months, where it will be affixed using epoxy.

Biri Initiative will also be transplanting these young colonies into special mountings built into the reefbuds of its artificial reef, and also those scattered around the natural reefs of Biri.

Observation of the artifical reef and coral nursery will be facilitated by a floating observation platform that will be stationed above when not in use elsewhere.

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