SEPTEMBER 5, 2017: Ocean ambassador George Cummings adopts Biri Bud!


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Floating Observation Platform
In 2015 Biri Initiative launched a floating observation platform made from marine plywood and locally available bamboo. The platform served a double purpose, also providing a staging point for deploying Biri Buds.

Unfortunately, this platform was destroyed by a typhoon in December 2015, but we bounced back with a bigger, better platform in July 2016, christened Rose of Biri.

In the centre of the platform is a trapdoor. When the platform is being used to deploy Biri Buds, the trapdoor is opened. A removable A frame is then used to lower Biri Buds to the sea bed.

The platform is fully capable of carrying half a dozen 150-kg Biri Buds plus diving gear, or twice that number of divers.

A bonus for divers is that the platform sits extremely low in the water, making it very easy to exit the water after a dive.

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