SEPTEMBER 5, 2017: Ocean ambassador George Cummings adopts Biri Bud!


Coral Reef Restoration

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Giant Clam Protection
Biri Island is fortunate in that it has a viable population of giant clams, or Tridacninae. The largest of these, sometimes called the true giant clam (Tridacna gigas), grows to more than 1.2 meters across and 250 kilograms in weight, and lives for more than a century.

Giant clams are beneficial to coral reefs because they serve as natural biological filters, helping maintain an optimum nutrient balance in the water.

Populations of giant clams have been declining in the Philippines under pressure from fishermen, but we hope to reverse that. Within the Biri Initiative Coral Restoration Zone, we relocate some - not all - of the clams to inside our coral nurseries, where iron rebar cages at least let fishermen know that we are aware of their existence. Since the first relocations took place in March 2017, not one has been taken.

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