SEPTEMBER 5, 2017: Ocean ambassador George Cummings adopts Biri Bud!


Coral Reef Restoration

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Holy Crosses
Holy crosses and statues of Jesus have been deployed in many coastal waters of the Philippines as effective deterrents against dynamite blasting, the use of cyanide, and other illegal fishing methods.

After first being blessed by a priest, statues are typically placed on promontories overlooking the ocean. But crosses planted on the seabed have the added bonus that they also attract coral growth to their surface.

Perhaps the best-known cross of all in the Philippines has been hard at work off the coast of Anilao, Batangas, since it was planted by then President Fidel Ramos in 1983.

Biri Initiative aims to deploy holy crosses selectively in key locations damaged by illegal fishing to deter further destruction and let nature recover, helped by the power of faith.

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