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Biri Initiative in the News

Biri Initiative media release, Feb. 18, 2015.

Biri Initiative Featured in Biyahe ni Drew

On Feb. 27, Biri Initiative was proud to be featured on an episode of Biyahe ni Drew, a hugely popular travelogue in the Philippines aired on channel GMA7 News and hosted by Drew Arellano.

Our communications director, Simon Ward, took the opportunity to introduce Drew to the crown-of-thorns starfish, which eats hard corals faster than they can grow, and can cause great damage to a reef if their population is not controlled. With the help of local fishermen, we caught 200 starfish, pointing out to Drew that as they were laden with thousands of eggs, even a small haul can be very significant.

Also featured in the program were our two volunteers, Loreto Vila, a marine biologist from Spain, and John Allibert, a professional diver from France.

Between these extremes are the most common artificial reefs involving blocks or balls of concrete. These provide homes for a variety of marine life, including coral spawn that might otherwise be swept away by tides and currents. Soft corals can develop quite quickly on concrete reefs, though hard corals, such as brain corals, will take many years to grow, as they do in nature.

Also featured prominently in this episode of Biyahe ni Drew was Biri Resort & Dive Center, both for the quality of its restaurant and its lodgings. Fresh lobster, crab, tuna ... does it come any better?

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