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Biri Initiative media release, Sept. 27, 2015.

Biri Bud Deployment Under Way off Biri Island

After three years spent gaining experience in artificial reef deployment elsewhere, Biri Initiative is now in full swing on its namesake island in Northern Samar.

On June 12, the first four Biri Buds were deployed with buoys to demarcate the area within which our artificial reefs will be tested. Overseeing were an observer and divers assigned by Northern Samar's Protected Areas Management Board (PAMB).

Biri Buds, weighing 150 kg each, are a smaller variant of the giant, 450-kg Reefbuds we deployed in 2013-14 in Puerto Galera, Mindoro. Another key difference is that they contain iron rebar to increase strength during lifting and deployment.

Like Reefbuds, Biri Buds contain biomass to promote colonisation by algae immediately after their deployment. However, the biomass used in Biri Buds is produced entirely on site in Biri Island using local materials and labour.

On Sept. 20, we deployed six more Biri Buds within the test area, and a further deployment is planned for October.

Aiding in the deployment is a purpose-built observation platform with a trap door in the centre. The platform is loaded with Biri Buds, then towed to the deployment site. The Buds are then lowered through the open trap door and can easily be guided into place by just one diver.

Many thanks to Mela Cabayan for capturing us hard at work on video.

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